UV Printing to Metal

UV Flatbed inkjet printed directly to 1/8” DiBond.

DiBond printing is done using a Fuji Accuity Flatbed printer. The inks dry instantly with high intensity UV light. Images can be printed with or without white ink. When printed without white ink the natural look of the silver or gold metal shows through and becomes the “white” of the image. Colors take on a magical metallic luminescence. White ink can even be used in selective areas resulting in captivating effects. DiBond prints have a multi-finish as there is the finish of the brushed metal and the more matte finish of the inks. (Note: the surface of DiBond is not as durable as dye infused aluminum. While it is possible to coat DiBond for protection, coating will have a significant effect on the brushed metal look of the piece. We do not recommend coating. We recommend being more careful.)