Acrylic Prints

Here at Photo Craft, we have crafted many different variations of the Acrylic print face mount. We developed these different styles in accordance with the demand of our clientele. There are many variations and styles to make the end result fit your situation. Since all of our acrylic print face mount photo prints are custom crafted.  Acrylic print face mount prints are usually mounted onto highly polished gallery grade OP3 acrylic with pvc backing to achieve a stunning presentation with impact of your photography.  We start your project by printing your image on to FujiFlex with our Lightjet printer. After printing, we then face mount it to a flame polished acrylic along with a 3mm black pvc backing and a box frame to complete the project. Of course, this is just one of many ways of finishing your work. Please view a few of the options on this page or contact us directly to help build your totally custom acrylic photo print.